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Seeking Approval from Others

Whose acceptance are you looking for?

In our busy lives we most likely have to interact with many different individuals on a daily basis. From our own family to our work life to less significant encounters with the general public on any given day.

But are you living your life a certain way for some certain person, people or societal ideal? Or are you living your life for your God or for yourself?

Now I’m not stating this in any selfish way at all but think about this for one moment. If everyone on this planet took the time to take care of themselves and only worry about their own acceptance of themselves would there be problems still?

I cannot see how there would be. Sure there would still be issues but honestly overall most of the problems stem from people worrying too much about someone else’s life or business.

If you know me personally at all you know that I prefer to stay in my own bubble. There are certain people from time to time that are allowed in my bubble but I myself make that decision. I do not let just anyone in and I most certainly have no problem of removing them.

I believe that my own happiness comes from within and so I choose to make decisions based upon my own happiness. So long as these decisions do not harm anyone else I always feel that I have made the right one at that given time.

I am not here to impress others. I am just ‘me’. One person. Who just wants to live a happy, healthy life. I really don’t care what someone thinks about what I do or say or wear. Sure, I’ve asked people for their opinions and value a handful of them but overall most people are just not worth trying to gain their acceptance.

Depending upon your religion you may just want to obtain the acceptance of your God or other deity, etc. Again, that is really just your own acceptance. Because we all interpret and live our lives as we see fit. I’m sure you attend religious events with people who live their lives completely different than yours yet are completely happy with themselves as you are with yourself. You both believe in essentially the same things yet you have chosen to interpret those things differently.

Also going along with this whole acceptance topic, do you judge others? How fair is that? Sure, you have to learn discernment and certainly do not have to stay around those who make you unhappy but there is no good that came come from judging someone. We often pass judgment on others based upon something lacking in our own lives. It is so easy to do.

I’ve met people who are grandparents themselves who still look for approval from their own parents. It is really sad to see. I see people in relationships who wouldn’t know what to do without the approval of their significant other. And so many others scenarios just like these. The saddest part is these people will never be happy until they give up constantly trying to be accepted by everyone else and just work on being happy with themselves and being the best person they can be.

So today, instead of working on acceptance from others be the best YOU you can be. If you are doing nice things for others (you do, right?) do it because you want to and not because you are looking to ‘win them over’ or ‘prove something’. When you make a mistake take ownership of it. Fix it if needed and move on. Back to your happiness. If someone is not accepting of you or your situation or your life that is OK. Work on YOU. And how you will become, or remain happy. Surround yourself with people who are not judgmental and those who love you for you. If you cannot find those people right away just spend some time alone getting to know yourself and loving yourself.

Remember, your acceptance of yourself is what matters. So get out there and do something about it, Today!!!

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