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How to Approach Negative Energy

What Can We do with the Negative Energies?

So we have all encountered negative people or situations in our life. How do we go from dealing with the negative to getting back to the positive and also with that; how do we know what is negative and positive without ‘judging’. We truly shouldn’t be judgmental yet we do have to learn discernment.

Throughout my life I have been a mostly happy and positive person. I rarely, if ever, dwell on the negative. I have, since I was a child, looked for a way to ‘make it happen’.

Whatever it was that I wanted to happen. Children are typically great resources to learn from when you need to learn persistence, tenacity, simply joy and happiness. Children haven’t learned much about disappointment or failures. And those who have already experienced these facts of life know no other way. Learning to focus on the positive outcome (while enjoying the NOW) is the way to achieve and maintain happiness.

Watch children at very young ages. They are full of discovery and imagination. They see the good in everything and everyone. But if you really pay attention they also see the evil as well. Children, and even animals are a great judge of people not from experience but rather from intuition. They feel ‘energy’. My son says it all of the time. He can see and feel positive or negative energy from others. It is amazing to experience. This is not really even a form of judging. It is just observing and actually paying attention to the messages that are placed there for you.

Over time we can ‘lose’ that ability. We get too much information and energy coming at and through us on a daily basis. The world gets chaotic and it is easy to lose sight. You have to work on it.

When something negative or unwanted occurs you need to take the time to 1) acknowledge it & 2) release that negative energy. I know many people who let it eat away at them; focusing way too much attention to the negative but I also know others who simply ignore the negative (I do that a lot myself). But the very best way to move on is to allow yourself to acknowledge that it exists and then release it. You may have to take action too but you will find that a lot of these negative things go away on their own when we do not put our attention to them.

There may be some good in a negative situation as well. We often learn great lessons from negative situations and for sure from these negative people. We can learn more about the ‘whole’ humanity and also about ourselves. We are always (or should always) be learning and growing! And of course, enjoying!

When something positive happens or you are around someone positive, just enjoy it. Don’t try to ‘hold on’ to it. Or keep it from others. Enjoy it; allow the positive feeling to run through you and into others too! Share it! 🙂 This part is easy and the happier we are; the nicer we are to others, the more we enjoy and the happier we become!

Now let us discuss the discernment factor for a moment as well. Anything that makes your feel uneasy, unhappy, or uncomfortable should be looked into. Sometimes we need to allow some uncomfortable feelings in order to be able to grow. But other times it is a strong warning to stay away from this particular situation or person. Over time you will learn which is which. I believe we all know deep down which ‘uncomfortable’ it is. Change and flow is great. Learn to embrace it so long as it is for the good of yourself and others!

I hope you enjoyed today’s topic of learning to deal with negativity. Feel free to share your comments below. You won’t be happy if you don’t want to be 🙂

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