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Giving Thanks – not just once a year

Giving Thanks ~ Not Just for 1 day a year!

I am a very grateful person. Sure I have my moments too just like everyone else but overall I make every attempt to see the good in every situation and to be thankful for what I have in my life.

I am extremely happy for my wonderful son, my awesome boyfriend and great friends and family. I am thankful for being able to own my own business. I am grateful for our health and happiness. Sure there are set backs throughout life that will take you back. Sometimes these moments are there to teach us lessons.

In my lifetime I’ve seen some very awful things occur that I just can’t imagine the bigger picture but I can assure you that those people who I know who were the first hand experiencers grew stronger for it and are very grateful for their lives. One of my very best friends has suffered more than anyone should have ever had to in her short life of just 30 years so far. But she is the one of the nicest, most caring and grateful people you’ll meet. She could be bitter and angry with the world wondering ‘why me’ but instead she is thankful for being here and for having her wonderful family and friends. Yes, like anyone else I’m sure she has had those moments where she is down and wondering ‘why me’ but she pulls through. For anyone looking in from the outside without the background story they wouldn’t believe everything she has been through.

Then I look at those who appear to have it all. Let us look at many celebrities for instance. They have fame, fortune, a career they clearly worked hard for and you’d think they are thoroughly enjoying their life. So many people would just love to have their lives. But then you see drug and alcohol addictions, self mutilation, losing their fortune and even attempted suicide. It makes no sense. They appear to have it all yet they are miserable.

Today I was on facebook and noticed that many of my ‘friends’ are going through tough times. They are having financial challenges or maybe even needless drama from others. I made a simple comment that was more generic than anything else and obviously stirred up some controversy. The comment was wishing them the best and reminding everyone that they are in control of their own lives. One person made the comment that it must be nice to have a steady job. Someone else commented and wanted me to know about all the drama they’ve been through. And I’m sure there were plenty others with comments in their heads that they didn’t express.

You have to get out of the victim mentality. We’ve all been through something. Whether you’ve been sick, whether you’ve lost someone close to you, whether you’ve lost your job. Whatever it is you have to release the victim mentality and make good decisions moving forward. Feeling bad for yourself and continuing to dwell on your issues will continue to bring you more issues. Figure out where you want to be and then determine a course of action for getting there. If a choice you make doesn’t end up working out; move on and pick another one until it does work. Don’t feel bad for yourself. Be happy that you learned and were able to move closer to your true happiness.

People don’t want to hear about your problems. Sure, if you need help seek it. But if you complain just to complain please stop it. I’m more than happy to help those who want the help but I find that most who are consistent complainers really don’t want help. They are so used to their current life that they don’t see any other direction. They love for others to feel sorry for them and they love to hear about others sorrows too – because then they feel better about themselves.

But let me ask you something. If you had a problem that you really didn’t want to solve and you just kept telling your sad story to everyone and everyone became depressed right along there with you then how is that beneficial to anyone? You still have your problem and now you AND someone else are sad or angry.

So instead, attempt to solve your own issues first without bothering others. Then seek help when you actually need it and when you will actually do something with the help you receive. Next, work on the solution and focus on the positive outcome you so much seek.

If you don’t seek happiness and you just want to be sad then that is fine. Just don’t expect anything from others.

If you are trying to stay positive but you have people in your life who continuously bring you drama then remove them. Do not allow them to bring you down. Simply let them know that you are more than willing to listen and/or help them but that unless they are ready to change for the better that you becoming sad and depressed with them isn’t going to help their situation.

And don’t forget, your life can be as happy and fulfilling as you wish it to be. Whether you make millions or whether you have a life full of love or whether you are lucky enough to have both or just on your way to the life you want….every day is a present! Cherish each moment and be thankful for what you do have — that being life!

So be happy with yourself, love and do not judge others. You have no idea what someone else is going through. Again, as I so often say, worry about yourself. Because if everyone took the time to take care of themselves then there wouldn’t be the problems in this world.

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