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Reset Your Life – NOW!

“Reset” For Your Best Life in 5 Super Easy Steps!

Ever feel like your life is crazy? House under water? People owe you money? Lose your job? Get sick? Fighting with your spouse?

My advice, just go ahead & press ‘reset’. At anytime in your life you can go ahead and ‘reset’ yourself. I definitely recommend this to anyone.

Feel like you are having one of those ‘days’, ‘months’, or even ‘years’?

I don’t even recommend a ‘back-up’ of your system. Just go ahead & ‘reset’!

Follow these steps to get a fresh start!

  • Step #1 Allow yourself to acknowledge your ‘less than perfect’ current state – whatever it is. We are not going to ignore it. We are going to ‘accept’ it.
  • Step #2 Allow yourself to release your ‘less than perfect’ current state – whatever it may be. Simply ‘release it’.

  • Step #3 Next, we are going to clear out the thoughts associated with your ‘less than perfect’ current state. Sometimes you may have to go through step 2 multiple times before you feel like it has been ‘officially’ released. This shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. You may wish to sit someplace quiet and alone to accomplish this.
  • Step #4 Allow yourself to ‘just be’. This is the part where your computer reboots and cleans out the ‘old stuff’. It is gone and you are CLEAR now.
  • Step #5
    After that, you will go ahead and visualize your perfect life. Really think about how you feel, what it looks like, what you are doing, who is with you, etc. If you are in business think about your perfect customers; if you have a boss think about your perfect day at work, etc. Visualize your perfect day or night with your family. Hear the sounds, really ‘picture’ and ‘hear’ it! Allow yourself to ‘feel’ the joy each situation brings to you.
  • Now you have ‘reset’.

Remember, you can ‘reset’ whenever you want. You can reset your goals. You can reset your desires. You can reset your career path. You can reset your relationships. You can reset your health. You can reset anything you want!

I hope you find this article helpful and I hope you use it from time to time as needed!

Enjoy your ‘reset’!

Best to you,

~ SuZen

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