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Are you Happy?

Here in United States most of us are surviving via the daily grind. Our daily grind finds us working each day, whether for someone else or for ourselves.

We work 6-8-10-12 hour days & cram in family time in the evening & weekends & time for ourselves when we can. We barely have time for any true living.

Sure, many of us have jobs/careers that we love (if you don’t you should) but still how many are truly living the life they’d really enjoy? We work to pay our bills….have a house…a car…food…nice clothes…take trips, etc. But where is the true happiness? What makes us truly happy?

In the US most believe that we have it made. We, as a whole, have what we need compared with other countries in the world. The majority of us do not know what it is to truly be hungry. We may get sick but most can afford to get better. We may have rough times but most of us can still afford a place to live or know someone to take us in.

What about tribal people in Africa for example? They have minimal material possessions. They can move their tribe from area to area if they choose. They seem very happy with how they live. What attachments do they have to worry about? Survival is innate.

I’ve thought about the different levels of consciousness & what they truly mean. Some believe that each ‘lifetime’ we come back to Earth as something else. If we were for example, being reincarnated to something better each time…..is living here at the top or are we at the bottom? I mean having fewer attachments is closer to true happiness so maybe we are here at the bottom and working our way up through the life cycles?

We, as a societal whole, believe the US is the top of the world. Others think we are crazy. Who is happier? We are a selfish, stressed, indebted society wishing for everything yesterday, blaming others for our circumstances, always desiring for more.

We rarely take time out to help others. Most of us do our daily thing for ourselves & our own family.  We do not love everyone. In fact many of us actually hate others. If you had no attachments, what would there be for someone to take from you? Why would anyone wish to do harm upon you? But we want to accumulate. Accumulate money, food, houses, cars. These things may make life more comfortable but they do not bring happiness.

Happiness can be found both among the poor & among the rich but ultimately where are the truly happy and contented?

Not just happiness but complete wholeness & love? Is this free?

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