Law of Attraction

What IS the law of attraction?

Law of AttractionLaw of Attraction

Have you ever heard someone speak about the power of the Law of Attraction and wondered what exactly they meant by that?

Law of Attraction has been around FOREVER but has become a ‘buzz phrase’ in recent years. Many authors have written about the Law of Attraction. Wayne Dyer has written many excellent books on the powers of the laws of attraction. The first book of his I read was “The Power of Intention” and it is a powerful read. When I was first exposed to the idea I had been reading sales and business books. I thought this book was going to be another one along those lines. Boy was I surprised. Not wrong though. Because do you know what happened during the couple of months (the first time reading it took awhile because it was foreign to me at the time) it took me to read it? My income tripled. Yes, I said tripled. Granted I was working in sales at the time so I was able to work smarter to increase my income whereas some people are in a fixed income situation. But do you know what else happened during that timeframe? I was able to let go of pre-conceived ideas of others and simply focus on the positive and basically ignore the negative. Having blocked the negativity from life I was able to attract even more of the positive. My relationships also improved. My mind was clearer and more good things kept coming to me, seemingly by magic.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. The universe is abundant and provides for that which you want. You have to believe in the laws of attraction and be clear on your intent in order to attract the correct things but it will work.

So how do you get started? First of all you need to clear you mind. I suggest clicking over to one of my other articles on resetting your life. Once you’ve a clear mind you can begin.

Start off by picturing your ideal life. Where are you, what are you doing, who are you with, what type of house and car do you have? What is your income source? Take at least 30 to 60 minutes to visualize this life you want. Once you have a clear picture of it write it down. Add as many details as possible. You could even create a vision board and cut out photos of the places you want to see, things you want to do, achievements and goals you have.

Soon you will begin seeing these things show up into your life. Depending upon how strong your belief system is they may come quickly or they may come slowly. If you are finding that they are not coming as quickly as you want you need to recheck your thoughts. Are you thinking about and visualizing what you will have as if you already have it or are you thinking about the fact that you are lacking these things? If you think from a source of lack then you will get more of what you do not want. Make sense?

For instance, if you want more money but you keep thinking about the fact that you are broke or the fact that you need more money then you will continue to be without money. But on the other hand if you focus on having the money to do what you want, visualize the money showing up and acting as though you already have it then it will come and come easily.

But wait, don’t I have to put in any work? This all sounds too good to be true. Is it really THAT easy?

My answer to that is that it is as easy as you believe it is. Huh?

Ok, let me explain. Your perception IS your reality. So if you think you must work hard 16 hour days and save every penny for 50 years before you can enjoy the life you want then that IS your reality. But if you believe that you can work smarter and shorter hours to have what you want within a year (or LESS) than that will be your reality.

Think It Believe It Achieve It
If you can dream it you can be it
Thoughts Beliefs turn to Reality
input – output

So to sum it all up ~ Law of Attraction states that LIKE attracts LIKE kind

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